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Ton bag introduction
June Thu , 2022

Speaking of  ton bags, we have to talk about containerization unitization, so what is containerization unitization?

Containerization unitization is actually an operation method proposed by the logistics industry to simplify logistics operation and reduce logistics costs. Its main content is to load, unload and transport materials based on container units.

If we want to carry out containerization unitization, it is necessary to use containers. Generally, the most commonly used containers and pallets are used to load most general merchandise and other materials. However, for special forms of materials such as powdery and granular materials, boxes and containers are in general, and the loading, unloading and handling are cumbersome, and there are many residues after unloading, which are difficult to deal with; Is there a packaging container that is convenient for loading and sealing, intermodal transportation and subsequent treatment. The answer is obvious. Bags. However, since the demand for containerization is a large number of loading and handling, the requirements for bags are very high. At the same time, different powder and granular materials also have requirements for humidity, oxidation and light protection, which makes this kind of bag pay attention to load-bearing sealing and convenient transportation. Then flexible bags are produced.

Due to its large loading volume and weight, coupled with the bag is light and can be easily folded, so the flexible bag is commonly called ton bag, etc. In general, ton bag refers to woven ton bag. According to the use it can be divided into: heavy ton bag, baffle ton bag, anti-static ton bag, conductive ton bag and breathable ton bag, etc. When used for electrode materials and other sensitive raw materials packaging, aluminum film inner bag will also be used, generally aluminum-plastic inner bag, and the inner and outer bags are identical in shape.

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