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Industrial Packaging
Improve Chemical Handling Efficiency
XCGS is equipped with perfect dust-free and clean workshops for industrial packaging, specializing in processing chemical heavy packaging. It covers an area of 2,500 square meters and is fully equipped with central air conditioning, air evolution function, exhaust system and other facilities. Main produces include aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag and aluminum-plastic composite ton bag.
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XCGS Industrial Packaging Design
Free customization
Quick response
Quick payment
Fast delivery
XCGS - Global Customer Service Support
Manufacturing Digitization
Extensive application of advanced intelligent equipment to create high-quality,high-reliability, high-durability production lines, and all-round intelligent storage
Product integration
Provide products from process design and pattern design to product development, material optimization, and production integration services
Service localization
Complete production team, customer service team and quality engineering staff Provide customers with local procurement and fast delivery service in other places Quick response to customer needs
Quality Standardization
83 independent patents, 3 registered trademarks, QS certification Conform to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and safety production standardization requirements
Daily Life Packaging
Meet the needs of daily life products transportation.
Main produces include express packaging, energy-saving insulation materials, full biodegradable packaging, etc.
Recommended Best-selling Products
XCGS Daily Life Packaging Design
Patents and Certifications

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GLOBAL Recycled Standard
Technische Überwachungs Vereine
ISO14001 & ISO9001
SGS International Certification
Australian Testing Agency Certification
Patents and Certifications

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One-to-one High-end Customization

According to the customer's needs, we design the packaging structure and pattern.

To satisfy the vast range of demands of our clients, we have a global sales network with quick response times and short delivery windows.

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