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Do You Know New Eco-friendly Heat Insulation Material?
July Wed , 2022

What is new eco-friendly heat insulation material?

➤ Certificated New Thermal Insulation Solution

The product has a very excellent barrier and heat insulation effect thanks to the use of a composite sandwich structure design, where the inner and outer surface layers are aluminum foil multi-layer composite materials, and the middle layer is PE polyethylene air bubble/XPE foam.

Aluminum foil bubble insulation materialAluminum foil foam insulation material

What is the special feature of this material?

Excellent barrier performance, moisture resistance and heat insulation. Even if heat passes through the inner layer of aluminum foil to reach the middle layer of PE airbag layer, it will form heat convection in the middle layer, making it difficult to penetrate the outermost layer of aluminum foil, producing the desired effect.

Where do they typically get used?

➤ Pipe insulation: inexpensive, practical, and safe for the environment.

The new heat insulation material created by XCGS represents a significant advancement in technology and a paradigm shift in the field of household energy-saving heat insulation materials. It is devoid of dust, chips, toxins, and tastes, and it won't harm the builder's health in any way.

It has a high thermal resistance coefficient R value, a low thermal conductivity, and a high reflectivity. After the pipeline insulation sample project was tested in numerous locations throughout China, it demonstrated the ability to achieve an average temperature drop of 6° to 10° for pipeline transportation, an increase in heat network efficiency of more than 5%, and an average reduction in pipeline network investment costs of 5%.

Pipe heat insulation materialPipe heat insulation

➤ Building thermal insulation: non-toxic, safe, and reduces energy usage.

XCGS has created energy-saving insulation materials for building construction in an effort to alleviate the discomfort and environmental risks that glass fiber and foam materials provide on the market as well as to save energy and reduce consumption.

The construction of a building's thermal insulation needs to account for the hot summer as well as the cold winter. The material should be fireproof and flame resistant, and its properties should include low thermal conductivity, high thermal resistance, and high reflectivity in order to perform thermal insulation effectively. It should also be durable, anti-oxidation, and anti-corrosion.

Building heat insulation materialBuilding heat insulation

➤ Food packaging: long-lasting protection that keeps items cold or hot.

In order to enjoy cold beverages in the summer and hot beverages in the winter, thermal insulation bags are frequently used in daily life. For instance, in the take-out industry, the material can be made into thermal insulation bags with an average thermal insulation/cooling time of 5 hours; in chilled logistics, the material can be used as packaging liner to preserve fresh/frozen food, flowers, wine, and other perishables; and in international transportation, the use of Star container liner is no longer prohibited.

food heat insulation bagsfood heat insulation bags

The XCGS's energy-saving insulation products, which were awarded an invention patent in 2009 and the AWTA fireproof level certification in Australia in 2013, have distinguished themselves as a leading supplier of energy-saving options for numerous domestic thermal power plants for long-distance heat network pipelines.

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