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Do You Know the Regular Size and Applicable Industries of Ton Bag?
September Wed , 2022

Ton bag, also known as flexible freight bags, container bags, space bags, etc., is a medium-sized bulk container. Ton bag has become the most widely used a container, so in general, what is the regular size and applicable industries of ton bag?

ton bags

Regular size of ton bag

The specification size of ton bag generally has 500kg, 820kg, 1000kg for common specifications, recommendations as following:













★Size measurement:

Flatten the ton bag in the state of the base fabric is not stretched.

Measure the diameter of two different parts of the round bag and take the average value, then convert it to the required diameter according to the folded diameter. 

Square bags measure the upper and lower sides of two adjacent sides, and get the average of its side length. The height of the bag is measured from the upper bottom to the lower bottom of the bag body of two different parts of the height, and take its average value.

Applicable industries of ton bag

Ton bag is easy to transport bulk powder materials, with large volume, light weight, easy to load and unload, simple structure, light weight, can be folded, small space occupied by the return air, low price.

Applicable industries of ton bag

Ton bag products have a wide range of applications, generally applicable to:

1. Food industry: grain, feed, starch, additives, etc.

2. Construction industry: cement, mineral sand, etc.

3. Chemical industry: chemical raw materials, plastics, toner, etc.

4. Mineral industry: metallurgical powder, ore powder, refractory materials, etc.

Among them, the aluminum foil ton bag is mainly used for the contents of high barrier requirements and high temperature requirements, such as nylon particles (such as PA6, PA66), filling materials, easily absorbed powder, chemical raw materials and other products, and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide, loading and unloading, transportation, storage, are very convenient.

aluminum foil ton bag

Ton bag products are in the development of the rising stage, especially a ton loaded, pallet form (a pallet of a container bag, or loaded four) of the ton bag, is more popular than other specification.

a pallet of four container bags

The use of ton bags is expanding, and the export of special-purpose such as calcium carbide, mining items and other container bags is also increasing. Therefore, the market demand potential of container bag products is very large, and the development prospects are very broad.

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