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Aluminum Foil Bag Performance of Puncture Resistance
October Mon , 2022

As a kind of high-quality anti-static packaging, aluminum foil bag has very stable performance, including anti-static, moisture resistance, oxygen barrier and puncture resistance, etc. Today, we will mainly learn more about the puncture resistance of aluminum foil bags.

Puncture resistance is an important property of aluminum foil pouches, i.e. the ability of packaging materials to resist external punctures, expressed as "puncture resistance" or "puncture strength". 

After the aluminum foil packaging bags are packed, if the built-in objects contain sharp and hard substances, such as electronic components, PC circuit boards or the corners of precision instruments, etc., these built-in objects will have a strong puncture effect on the packaging bags during the long-term contact with the bags. In addition, during the storage, transportation and circulation of the packaging, they will inevitably be punctured and impacted by objects outside the bags, such as the sharp corners of other packaging bags. If the puncture resistance of the aluminum foil bag itself is poor, under the puncture of the above-mentioned objects, it is easy to form imperceptible holes on the surface of the packaging, resulting in air leakage, liquid leakage, or even the direct formation of a large area of broken bags.

On the market, the puncture resistance value of aluminum foil bags (from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside in two dimensions) is generally 15~30N, and the puncture resistance value of aluminum foil bags produced by some manufacturers can reach 50N.

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●Then how to improve the puncture resistance of aluminum foil bags

We can improve the puncture resistance and flexibility of aluminum foil bags by reasonably adjusting the material and thickness of the aluminum foil bag composite film. Industrial aluminum foil bags are generally made of a three- to four-layer composite structure, and different film layers have different characteristics.

For products requiring high puncture resistance, the following materials are generally used as laminated films.

▲ Outer layer: PET, PET has the advantages of good printing effect, good gloss, good airtightness and fragrance retention, moisture resistance, etc.

▲Middle layer: NY or AL , NY has the advantages of puncture resistance, impact strength, high bending strength, strong gas barrier, low oxygen permeability, strong toughness, etc.; AL has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good shading, not easy to be corroded, good barrier, moisture and water resistance, strong gas tightness, etc.

▲Inner layer: CPP or PE, both of which have good heat sealing properties.

Therefore, by increasing the middle layer or thickening the material structure of the middle layer, we can achieve the requirement of improving the puncture resistance performance of aluminum foil bags.

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●And how to test the puncture resistance of aluminum foil bags?

With the help of an electronic tensile testing machine, we can accurately measure the puncture strength of aluminum foil bags.

(1) Use the sampler to cut 5 pieces of 100mm diameter specimens from the surface of different types of aluminum foil bags.

(2) Clamp the specimens to the special jig for puncture test and fix the jig on the test equipment.

(3) Set the test speed, specimen thickness and other test information.

(4) Click the start test option to start the test. The device calculates and displays the final test results.

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