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Good packaging makes Valentine's Day more romantic!
December Wed , 2022

Valentine's Day is coming,

Flowers, chocolates and other gifts appear in turn.

Sometimes, good packaging can make your gift more heartfelt!

So, let's take a look at how to wrap Valentine's Day gifts ingeniously!

honeycomb paper roll  honeycomb kraft paper roll

Honeycomb papers can be used not only as lining paper for flowers, but also as a cushion, with rich colors and more innovative ideas.

zipper bubble mailer  zipper padded bag

Beautiful bubble bags with zippers make the ordinary packaging become fashionable, no matter what the gift is, you must give it with your heart!

kraft paper bag  handle paper bag

The ordinary paper bags you thought, with the blessing of Valentine's Day, can also create a romantic atmosphere, convenient and beautiful.

 poly bubble bag  poly bubble envelope

Pink is the softest color, and the pink packaging bag is very suitable for any Valentine's Day gift.

metallic bubble padded mailer  poly bubble envelope

Don't think that the bubble bag can only be used to cushion and shock absorption. In fact, the bubble bag has both practicality and beauty.

Seeing these packages full of romance and love, are you moved? Yu Guangzhong said: "I love you more than yesterday, and slightly worse than tomorrow", and my love for you is like an ingenious packaging, always fresh and bright.

XCGS can provide customized services. As long as the style, material and design you want, we can prepare for you, making your Valentine's Day gifts more brilliant! Come and contact us!

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